In a highly competitive environment and in an open global market, quality is an imperative factor for any company that seeks to maintain its position in the market and improve its services.
With this in mind, the board of MARCONT Structures has decided to set up a Quality Management System (QMS) in congruence with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001 in effect and the legal and regulatory requirements in order to satisfy our customers and our partners; and therefore gain their loyalty and satisfy their needs.
The elements of this QMS and our quality policy are based on the following axes:
Provide products that comply with the standards and meet the requirements of our customers with the quality required in due time to ensure their satisfaction. Regularly develop the technical, managerial and relational skills of our human capital through the improvement of the human resources management function. To constantly improve the efficiency of our internal processes by carrying out regular and permanent measurement and monitoring of all the ongoing activities. Improve the commercial and financial performances of the company and integrate a process of continuous assessment and improvement of our QMS to permanently perpetuate the quality of our products and services to further ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

Achieving these general objectives requires dedication and involvement from each of us and entails teamwork in a perfect synergy.
Marcont Structures management is committed to providing all its employees and partners with the necessary instruments and resources in order to implement and continuously improve the quality management system.

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